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Real Estate


Trends and Opportunities

in the post pandemic market


Tuesday, March 23rd

 5pm GMT - 6pm CET

Zoom Webinar


A year of pandemic has deeply affected the real estate market.

What's next?

To catch the opportunities it is necessary to start from a clear picture of what happened to the market last year as well as the recovery trend forecasts.

# Are we going to see a quick recovery of the Real Estate market and the 'global city' model will be the driving force, again?

# Is the residential environment going to be the same as we knew pre-pandemic, or we have to reinvent it and reshape the cities?

# What will happen to the office-based employment?

# What is going to be attractive for international investors?



# Angelica Krystle Donati, CEO at Donati Construction Group

# Aldo Attanasio d’Aponte, CEO at Arbitrage Group

# Arron Taggart, Head of UK investment at Cheney Capital

# Alasdair Pritchard, Partner at Knight Frank

# Marco Bertazzi, CEO at JCS and Executive Chief GH Luxury Real Estate

# Enrico Vignoli, Partner at Morgan Allen Associates



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